Call for Papers and Presentations

Present a workshop or paper at Dikaiosune LA! 

This year marks the 50-year anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee. In the wake of unsafe conditions resulting in the deaths of two sanitation workers in Memphis, Dr. King came to the city to protest the poor working conditions and economic plight in the city. While there, King delivered his last speech, “I Have Seen The Promised Land,” which is the theme for Dikaiosune LA. King’s speech emphasized themes of nonviolent protest, economic withdrawal and empowerment, the role of preachers in the fight for justice, eschatology, unselfish solidarity, and hope.

Dikaiosune LA seeks presentations that address the themes in MLK’s final speech as well as his legacy. How might we put these themes in conversation with the socio-political and economic condition of the United States and the world, Churches of Christ and religion, and grassroots movements addressing anti-blackness and black life? Please consider the following points of departure for your presentation:

 • Economics/ Economic Justice/ Class 

• Education

• Environmental (in)justice/racism 

• Grassroots Organizations 

• Health and Psychology 

• History (and/or Church of Christ History) 

• Mass Incarceration  

• Music (Freedom Songs – Hip Hop etc.) 

• Movies and Film 

• Philosophy

• Religion and Theology

• Sociology  

• Writings from or about Martin Luther King Jr. 

Please email a 250-word abstract with your name, email address, and organization to Stanley Talbert at by June 15th at 5pm EST. Registration is covered for presenters. 

Call (347) 977-0521 or email for questions. 

The Dikaiosune LA symposium will take place at the Normandie Ave. Church of Christ in Los Angeles, CA, August 24-26, 2018.